From the Class of 24

Meet the new craftspeople who form the first chapter of ABASK’s 2024 maker collective.

What – Wooden trays
Where – Tokushima, Japan
How – Tsuki-ita marquetry

What is your midnight snack and breakfast-in-bed order? "I don’t
usually eat breakfast or midnight snacks, but if I did, it would be chocolate ice cream or a special hot sandwich like a chef would make – eating something someone else has made for me is gratifying and makes me feel happy."

What – Yak khullu wool textiles
Where – Amdo, Tibetan Plateau
How – Weaving, spinning and felting by hand

Who is your favourite person to cosy up with under a Norlha blanket?  "If I had to choose, my dream companion would be one of the plateau’s yeko (baby yak). As
much as I love having my Norlha blanket all to myself, I would definitely make an exception for one of these guys."

What – Ceramic tableware
Where – Vietri sul Mare, Italy
How – Shaping, firing and painting by hand

What would you eat for your last supper and who would you spend it with? "I would choose a combination of traditional family recipes that have been passed down: lamb and apple sauce (from my Dutch grandmother) and pasta. I would love to share this moment with my grandparents, celebrating our collective achievements."

What – Rainbow Murano glassware
Where – Murano, Italy
How – Hand-blowing techniques such as filigrana

If you were a cocktail, which one would you be? "I would definitely be a Select Spritz, a typical Venetian aperitif that represents a moment of lightness, joy and peace. The bright red hue, strikingly contrasted with the yellow of the lemon, reflects the vivid, contrasting colours that define our brand."