Qäsa Qäsa Carvers

Emmanuel's Hand-Carved Blackwood Bowls (Set of 4)


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Qäsa Qäsa Carvers’ master artisan Filbert learned the art of woodcarving at a young age – his teacher was his father, Emmanuel, who is the maker of these sentimentally named bowls. Each one is crafted from locally sourced African blackwood and can be used to serve snacks or dips. When they’re not in use, they double up as decorative pieces for a coffee table or shelf.

Product number: 2205292001

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Meet the Maker:

Qäsa Qäsa Carvers

Moved by the wonderful taste and culture of Tanzania, Qäsa Qäsa Carvers responsibly source Mninga and African Blackwood to create their collection of kitchen and home utensils. Every piece is hand-carved from a single piece of wood using hammers, chisels and rasps, before being sanded and smoothed in a way that celebrates the wood’s natural grain. Preserving traditions and cultural heritage, the maker financially supports, champions and fosters the skills of talented artisans in the Makonde tribe, who apply time-honoured, wood-carving skills to each and every characterful piece.