Suk Keun Kang Hamji Ottchil Wood Low Bowl


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When looking for inspiration, Suk Keun Kang simply looks around him, moved by the quirks and characteristics of the natural world. He works from his rural base in Ulsan, Korea, carving each piece by hand and utilising the eco-friendly ottchil technique. This is where more than 30 coats of lacquer – derived from the sap of rhus trees – form a coated film that’s resilient against spills and stains. As a result, each piece is durable, hard-wearing and perfect for serving food.

Product number: 2215702005

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Meet the Maker:

Suk Keun Kang

To inform his craft, Suk Keun Kang references the lush landscapes of his rural homeland in Kangwŏn, Korea. He champions the eco-friendly Ottchil technique, applying approximately 30 coats of naturally heated lacquer – derived from the sap of rhus trees – to meticulously hand-carved shapes, resulting in tableware that’s both beautiful and durable. Everything to leave his workshop is designed, manipulated and glazed by hand, reflecting his soulful connection to not just his culture, but also Korea’s agricultural heritage.