Silvia K Ceramics Hand-Glazed Terracotta Small Serving Bowl with Leather Handle


This serving bowl with a leather handle by Silvia K Ceramics spotlights an open expanse that grants her signature colours and shapes plenty of space to express themselves fully. It’s handmade in terracotta clay – note how she’s intentionally left a portion unglazed to highlight the material’s beautifully rich colour, while the speckles around the edges are a result of the iron finding its way through the grey tin glaze. This may vary by design, which is only indicative of the unique, handmade nature of her work.

Product number: 2218702003

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Meet the Maker:

Silvia K Ceramics

Shortly after graduating from university in 2012, Silvia Kamodyova founded her eponymous ceramics studio in the heart of Brighton, UK. Her commitment to authenticity means that every aspect of the production process takes place in-house, from the initial sketch to the final glaze. As a result, each handmade piece has a special story, with many of her designs having been slip-casted in Silvia’s favourite terracotta clay and fired to mid-temperature to provide her signature rich red tone. For inspiration, she looks to the heritage of her native Slovakia and often employs minimalist patterns that celebrate a quieter way of living.