Volga Linen Hem-Stitch Linen King-Size Bedding Collection

€174 - €545

Hem-Stitch Linen King Duvet Cover230 cm (l) x 220 cm (w) / 89.8" (l) x 85.9" (w)


Hem-Stitch Linen Standard Pillowcases (Set of 2)50 cm (l) x 75 cm (w) / 19.5" (l) x 29.3" (w)


Hem-Stitch Linen Square Pillowcases (Set of 2)65 cm (l) x 65 cm (w) / 25.4" (l) x 25.4" (w)


Hem-Stitch Linen King Top Sheet275cm (l) x 275cm (w) / 107.4" (l) x 107.4" (w)


Linen King Bottom Sheet275cm (l) x 275cm (w) / 107.4" (l) x 107.4" (w)


Volga Linen is driven by the allure of linen – not just its heirloom quality, but also its durability, practicality and sustainability. The renewable, fast-growing fabric is at the centre of each collection, be it a diamond-stitch pillowcase or a hem-stitch napkin. They’re tied together by their timeless look, exquisite quality and fine finishing touches. This set includes a duvet cover, fitted sheet, two square pillowcases and two standard pillowcases. Please note, this set measures 220cm x 230cm and is therefore suitable for a UK King or US Queen. For custom sizing requests and special orders, please contact our Client Service team via the link in footer.

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