Venini Balloton Luce Hand-Blown Murano Glass Portable Lamp


The Murano lamps in Venini’s Balloton collection take their name from the technique used to make them. During hot working, masters blow glass into a metal mold – the interior of which is studded with pyramid-shaped spikes – to achieve the cross-relief effect. When switched on, with one of three brightness settings selected via touch, these water-resistant, LED-powered pieces cast kaleidoscopic bursts across the room.

Product number: 2211106033

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Meet the Maker:


Venini is one of the oldest Venetian glass masters, established in 1921 by Paolo Venini who yearned for something original. From new layered glass techniques, to reimagining the 16th-century mezza filigrana, the brand redefined glassblowing aesthetics; embracing the avant-garde, while nodding to past traditions. For our exclusive collaboration, we reworked Venini’s most-celebrated Fazzoletto vase, originally made in 1948.