Norlha Nostalgia Hand-Spun Yak Blanket


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The Nostalgia blanket from Norlha is hand-spun from pure yak khullu wool. It takes an artisan five days to spin enough thread for a single piece, using a mix of traditional techniques and fresh innovations. The fibre is chosen for its many virtues – not just its durability and ethical gathering process, but also its softness and insulating properties. This is the heaviest weave produced at the atelier, and has a densely textured, wave-like pattern with a ruggedly soft handle.

Product number: 2212294002

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Meet the Maker:


A rugged, remote valley in the Amdo region of the Tibetan Plateau is where American anthropologist Kim Yeshi and daughter Dechen founded Norlha in 2017. Together, they nurture an economy for former nomads who have spun, woven and felted for generations, investing in their livelihoods and futures as a result. At the heart of Norlha is the idea to fulfil the potential of yak khullu wool, which is taken from the under-down of a yak and can only be caught as moult during shedding season in late spring. Kim and Dechen describe their ethical, sustainable creations as ‘made from memories and miracles’ – a wonderful sentiment felt in each hand-spun blanket and cushion cover.