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Mori Kougei Ebony Rectangular Tray


Mori Kougei’s ebony trays have a graduated effect that gives the illusion that rays of light are beaming out of the centre. This is achieved with the tsuki-ita technique, where thinly sliced sheets of wood are cut at a precise angle and pasted in a circular pattern. The colour of this piece will change slightly depending on the angle and light in which it’s viewed.

Product number: 2209290007

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Meet the Maker:

Mori Kougei

Since 1953, Tokushima-based Mori Kougei has been specialising in tsuki-ita, a highly complex technique in which paper-thin sheets of wood are sliced with sharp blades before being bonded together to form intricate surface patterns. This meticulous process has been refined and passed through the generations for more than 70 years. The result is a selection of functional trays highlighting the grain, colour and character of different wood species. Expect meticulously indigo-dyed pieces – a treasured Tokushima art – and subtle, contemporary scenes inspired by art, geometry and nature.